HSBC Now Photo – 2017 Winners

20 December 2017

By Stephen Robb

Ariel Chavez Valdez, HSBC Philippines: "A group of Bajau boys dive after coins or candies thrown by tourists from a passenger boat near the port of Basilan. Dubbed as 'sea gypsies', Bajaus are known to inhabit the sea, with sea faring, sea trading and fishing as their main sources of livelihood. Poverty-stricken and out-of-school, many children from this community venture into coin-diving to add to their family's income." Jury's comment: "The top-down point-of-view positioned over the focal point where the boats meet draws attention to the action and leaves the viewer wondering whether the people in the water are trying to get on the boat or have decided to jump into the water for a swim."

Covering the themes of Progress, Green, Thrive, Speed, Network and Future, this year’s HSBC NOW Photo project has brought us some enchanting and breath-taking photos. We were spoilt for choice when it came to choosing the overall winner for 2017, but here are our top three picks.

A huge thank you to all our talented colleagues and congratulations to the winners!
🏆 1st place – Ariel Chavez Valdez
🏆 2nd place – Indra Bhattacharjee
🏆 3rd place – Nicole Yau

Check out our 17 favourites in this gallery:



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