Your full supply chain is just a click away

13 October 2021

Vivek Ramachandran, CEO, Serai (an HSBC subsidiary)

Imagine finding out there is child labour in your supply chain. You’d want to know immediately so you could deal with it.

If you have complicated supply chains – and let’s face it, most companies do – keeping track of them can seem a huge task. But neglecting them is a dangerous game.

Just 15 years ago, having a clear view of your whole supply chain was impossible. We simply didn’t have the technology.

That’s why my colleagues and I set up Serai. Our technology has digitised a previously heavily manual process so businesses can see their full supply chain at a glance, on one dashboard.

What you’re getting is complete transparency.

In my opinion, there couldn’t be a more important time to be across your supply chain. Consumers, governments and regulators all want to know that there aren’t any unfair or unsustainable working practices involved in making your goods. And then there are geopolitical events and the COVID pandemic that have huge impacts. Just look at the global shortage of microchips or the recent crisis around gas supplies.

I firmly believe that it’s always better to be prepared. Serai helps you do that.

How it works

It’s very simple. You have your own private page on our platform and you invite your suppliers. They upload their key information such as where and how your products are made. Your suppliers can also add any other partners they work with too.

We take care of the rest. For example – it doesn’t matter how complicated the information your suppliers submit is. One of the best things about Serai is that our technology will simplify it all into one standard format.

All the information is then displayed on your bespoke dashboard. In one single view you can see your full supply chain – where your materials come from, how they are manufactured and how they’re shipped.

You can click on any part of it to get a more detailed view of a particular supplier or process.

Making trade easier

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All this means that you can confidently tell your customers, regulators and any other stakeholders that you know exactly how your products are made.

Identifying issues

We all hope our supply chains are running smoothly. But problems do arise. The benefit of using Serai’s ‘Visibility’ solution is that you get real time alerts whenever your business or supply chain is impacted. This could be anything from a change in a supplier’s performance or risk rating to a geopolitical event that could affect you.

Providing proof

We know that most businesses trade across international borders and that means you often have to provide evidence of how and where your products were made. With Serai’s ‘Traceability’ solution, you can simply share your dashboard with auditors, customs officials, certifying bodies or anyone else you need to. It’s that simple.

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