Winners of our Photo World Cup

17 July 2018

By Stephen Robb

See the best shots from our global competition.

Congratulations to Kumkum Prakash Selvaraju – winner of the HSBC Now Photo World Cup!

His stunning shot captured during a buffalo race in Kambala, southwest India, was selected by you and our expert judges as the best overall photo out of more than 4,000 submitted by colleagues globally.

As well as international glory, Kumkum, a Business Analyst in Bangalore, India, receives the top prize of GBP1,000* to spend on photography equipment.

“Planning for perfect shot doesn’t happen by chance,” said Kumkum. “I had to find the perfect vantage point, choose the best lens and shutter to freeze the action, and then take the shot at just the right moment, when the jockey was sprinting for the finish line.”

“I had to shoot against the light, but luckily it was near sunset so it wasn’t too harsh. It’s very satisfying when it all comes together.”

Kumkum captured his winning photo for the ‘Action and adventure’ category

‘Great skill’

“Every element of the photograph – from the sand in the background to the water spray coming off the rider’s leg – makes for a very striking image,” said professional sports photographer Oli Hillyer-Riley, one of two experts who judged the photos you had voted through to the final round of the competition.

Sophie Wright, Global Cultural Director for Magnum Photos and fellow judge, said: “The timing and technique requires great skill. The light is great and there is real texture; I find I can’t stop looking at it.”

The path to the final

The HSBC Now Photo World Cup unfolded alongside the FIFA World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting event.

Thank you to all who participated in our global competition and sent in more than 4,000 entries during the ‘qualifying process.’

We then created a shortlist of the top 500 quality images for you to vote from during the ‘Group stage’, which whittled down the list of contenders to 120. Only 36 survived the second round of voting – the ‘Knockout stage’ – to make the final, where the winners were decided by industry experts Oli and Sophie.

In addition to naming Kumkum’s photo the overall winner, they also selected the runner-up and remaining category winners.

Runner-up Ruo Feng Ou, a Corporate Banking Manager for Commercial Banking in Chongqing, China, wins GBP500* to spend on photography equipment for her image in the ‘The world I want to protect’ category.

A family of golden snub-nosed monkeys in the Qing Mountains, China

Judges said: “The colours and the composition work really well and the fact that the monkeys are looking directly at the viewer makes it very engaging. What you see is something to which we can all relate: a family.”

Our remaining category winners each get a GBP250* Magnum Photo voucher to spend on photography books, prints or one of Magnum online courses, launching in September.

My culture: Vivian Song, FCC Investigator, China

A traditional craftsman creates copper pot artworks in Guangzhou city, China

Judges said: “There is lots going on here, but it’s a very balanced composition that is calm and meditative.”

Landscapes and city skylines: David George, Corporate Client Servicing Support Manager, Commercial Banking, Egypt

Oakland Bay bridge in San Francisco

Judges said: “The photographer has created a mirror effect using long exposure, which makes for a moody image with lots of depth.”

My inspirations: Amritash Choube, Senior Consultant Specialist, GBM IT, India

The Milky Way taken at Sarchu, in the Indian Himalayas

Judges said: “This is a very complex shot that is difficult to get right. The way the Milky Way draws across the whole frame gives a real sense of our position in the universe.”

What my country means to me: Laurie Mae Gucilatar, Administration Associate, Securities Settlements, Philippines

A PHP100 note aligned with Mt Mayon, an active volcano on the island of Luzon in the Philippines

Judges said: “It’s a refreshing shot that is well composed and playful. It’s tongue-in-cheek but also very well composed and thought out.”

All high-quality photos, including those submitted during the qualification process, will be added to HSBC Now’s Global Image Library, which provides photography for our internal and external communications, including our Annual Report.

Congratulations to all of our talented winners!

*Or local equivalent



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