4 December 2017

HSBC is running its tenth annual toy drive, with employees around the world donating and distributing thousands of toys to disadvantaged children.

The bank is hoping to build on the success of the 2016 toy drive, when employees in 19 countries gave more than 18,000 toys. Volunteers visited locations including hospitals, orphanages and low-income schools to help put a smile on young people’s faces.

Jenzy Vargas from HSBC Mexico was one of 1,600 HSBC volunteers who got involved. In a video (above), she explains why taking part is so rewarding. She says: “This is a wonderful day. A day where we want the children to feel happy, enthusiastic and have a fantastic time.”

HSBC encourages its employees to take part in projects that benefit local communities. Staff spent 255,000 hours on volunteering activities during work time in 2016.

Many HSBC volunteers choose to focus on projects supporting young people and education. Over recent years they have got involved in many different ways, including by:

  • Providing educational supplies such as pens and notebooks to underprivileged children in Chennai, India
  • Judging a young enterprise competition in Hong Kong, helping inspire the next generation of business leaders in Asia
  • Conducting mock interviews for pupils in London, helping them develop the skills they need to succeed in the world of work
  • Mentoring young women in New York, giving them the opportunity to discuss their education and career ambitions

As well as encouraging employees to volunteer, the bank provides financial support to numerous charitable and community organisations around the world. HSBC donated a total of USD137 million in 2016.