15 November 2017

Coming from a family business background undoubtedly brings advantages when it comes to running your own company.

But two out of five entrepreneurs do not fit this mould. Instead, they are self-starters striving for independent success. And what they may lack in connections that can give their business a head start, they often make up for in passion and drive.

Here are some of the other key factors that set this group of entrepreneurs apart:

  • Self-starters aim higher

  • They make their own rules

  • They know how to network

  • They need strong mentors

All types of entrepreneurs have an important role to play in the wider economy, but those who make their own way without the advantages of a family background in business are particularly likely to explore fresh ideas and develop disruptive business models. And every long-running family business was once founded by a self-starter. So it’s vital they can tap into the expertise and support they need to realise their vision.