HSBC Now Photo – Winners for “Inclusion”

7 February 2018

By Stephen Robb

Aditya, HSBC India: “I saw different people working together to perform one task (fishing) . After talking to them I found out they didn’t know each other but just wanted to help each other in their work.” Jury's comment: “The caption sums up the definition of ’inclusion’ and tells the story. A group of people united in one cause. The point of view of the photo makes the viewer feel as though they are they are also included in the task, along with those in the image.”

This month our #HSBCPhotographer theme was ‘Inclusion’. Each colleague interpreted the theme in their own unique way, culminating in a selection of photographs that highlight our diverse world. Here are our winners, see their images in the gallery below.  Congratulations to all!

🏆 1st place – Aditya, HSBC India

🏆 2nd place – Nallala, HSBC India

🏆 3rd place – Terry, HSBC Hong Kong



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