Annual Results 2017: message from Group Chief Executive

20 February 2018

At HSBC we believe in doing business responsibly, sustainably and in line with our values. This is key to building a successful business over the long term. We recognise our responsibilities not only to our shareholders, customers and employees, but also to the wider communities we serve.

We provide information about the impact of our business on people and the environment, as well as on the steps we take to ensure good corporate governance.

We published updated ESG information alongside our Annual Report and Accounts 2020. And we will continue to refine our approach to reporting. For example, as part of our adoption of the recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, we are expanding the information we make available in relation to climate risk each year. We will also disclose new metrics over time where we have sufficient, reliable and relevant data.

You can find further information about how HSBC does business and its broad approach to many ESG-related topics in the Who we are section, and you may also wish to visit our Green and sustainability bonds section.

Our ESG ratings and targets

The profile of ESG investing has risen rapidly in recent years. Fund managers and small and large investors are placing an increasing emphasis on ESG issues. This reflects changing societal and consumer expectations and a growing call for businesses to play a stronger role in tackling these issues.

HSBC research suggests that, in addition to believing that businesses should do the right thing, investors increasingly see ESG issues as a differentiating factor in the long-term performance of the companies they invest in.

We work with independent ratings agencies who assess our ESG performance against that of other companies and organisations. As of May 2021, our ratings were as follows:

CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) score report – HSBC 2020 (PDF 600KB)

We also set ESG-related targets to guide how we do business. These include a pledge to provide and facilitate USD100 billion in sustainable financing and investments by 2025. And having met our goal of ensuring that 30 per cent of our senior roles are held by women by the end of 2020, we have set ourselves a target to achieve 35 per cent women in senior leadership roles by 2025 . Other targets focus on improving customer satisfaction, reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and upholding high standards of conduct worldwide.

The 2020 annual incentive scorecards of the Group Chief Executive Officer, Group Chief Financial Officer and members of the Group Executive Committee have 30 per cent weightings for measures linked to these outcomes. ESG metrics are also included in the long-term incentive scorecards of executive Directors.